Preschool Puzzles for Patch Products

A few months ago I was hired by Patch Products to illustrate two educational puzzles for preschoolers. One was a farm theme, the other a zoo theme. Each puzzle needed to incorporate several shapes into the artwork (indicated with thick black outlines).

The original concept was to have the border of the puzzle take a shape that would match the theme. For instance, the art director thought it would be good to have the farm puzzle be shaped like a barn. I really liked the idea but we couldn’t come up with a good shape that would work for the zoo puzzle. So instead we wound up just using the same abstract border shape for both.

The puzzles are being shipped from the printer and should be available for purchase online soon. With the client’s permission, here’s the artwork I submitted:

[EDIT: I apologize that the images are a little pixelated. I uploaded high-quality images like always. They even look clean and crisp in my WordPress preview window so I’m puzzled as to why they look so ragged on my blog page. If anyone has any suggestions please leave a comment. Thanks!]