My Blog Is Now On The Amazon Kindle

Earlier today I submitted my blog for publishing on the Amazon Kindle. The blog should be reviewed and approved by within 48-72 hours. has been approved! Kindle users can now subscribe to my blog and read it on the go.

I’m not a Kindle user (yet) but my understanding is that charges a small fee for users to view/read blogs on the device. There is a free 14-day trial for each blog, after which the price varies but is usually around $0.99-$1.99 per month. (EDIT: Looks like they have priced my blog at $1.99/month.) Unfortunately as the blog owner I have no control over the pricing, it is set entirely by Amazon. I’d offer my blog for free if I could. Frankly I’m not sure if this is going to be a good strategy for Amazon since readers can follow blogs for free on just about any other device (iPhone, Blackberry, laptop, etc.). But as of now its the only option available.

(Full disclosure: Blog owners, including me, receive 30% of the subscription price for each blog. However, I’d rather offer it for free if I could and gain more readers that way. It’s not like I’m gonna get rich off of the Kindle.)

Still, the first 14 days are free so if you are an avid Kindle user and like to follow blogs you may want to give it a try. The Kindle is only black-and-white and the resolution is not great so I’m guessing its far from the ideal way to read an art blog. But if you follow a lot of blogs the Kindle is one more way to stay on top of it all.

Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know how it goes.

Even if you’re not a Kindle user, I’d be grateful if you could take a brief minute to review/rate my blog on Amazon.