My New Studio

I’ve spent most of this week painting, packing, and moving into my new studio. With the recent birth of our second child my wife and I decided it would be best to swap a couple of rooms in our house. My old studio is now our master bedroom and our old bedroom is now my studio.

I’m still tidying up and reorganizing a bit, but here’s some photos of what I’ve done so far. (This is also probably the cleanest it will ever look):


Here’s where all the magic happens. I bought a Cintiq over a year ago and have been working all-digital ever since. I haven’t used my drawing table in over a year so it’s stored away in the garage.

Having a Cintiq with a second monitor is a really nice setup. When researching a project I can grab reference images from the internet and spread them all over the top monitor and do all my drawing/painting on the Cintiq. In Photoshop I can also have my illustration open twice with two windows (Window > Arrange > New window…). On the Cintiq I’ll zoom in and do detail work while the window on the upper monitor stays zoomed out. Simply by glancing up I can see how the detailed work looks in context with the larger image.

studio5To the left of my desk is my “library corner” and next to it a treadmill. Everyone tells me the recliner looks like a “granny chair”, and they’re right. It used to belong to my Grandma, and it’s super comfortable so I keep it around.

Both the chair and the treadmill are pointed towards my computer monitor in the corner so that I can watch DVD’s and even TV shows. A while back I bought an EyeTV unit which turns my computer into a DVR. Nice!


Here’s another view of the treadmill. I used to be a runner and in my mid-twenties I regularly ran seven miles at a time. Oh how the mighty have fallen! Over the years I’ve put on a lot of weight and degraded into a marshmallow schlump. Its high time I started losing the weight. I try to walk/run for at least twenty minutes every day (except Sunday) and for the most part I stick to it. It’s also a nice way to take a quick break and re-energize during a midnight stretch on a tight deadline. There’s also a couple of barbells on the floor that I’m getting back into using (baby steps). My job is very sedentary so any exercise I can get is a good thing.

The Batman standee was a gag gift given to me by some friends when I moved to the Minneapolis area back in 2003. He stares down on me to make sure I meet my deadlines.

That’s the nickel tour. If anyone’s interested here’s what my old studio looked like, and here’s some links to the studios of a few other freelancers.

My Studio: The Nickel Tour

After yesterday’s links to studio tours, Guy Francis (a very talented illustrator with a fun blog) asked me to post a photo tour of my studio. Far be it from me to disappoint my legions (*cough!*) of fans, so here goes…

My studio is actually the master bedroom of a 3-bedroom house I purchased when I was still a bachelor. It’s a starter home from the 1950’s. No basement, but plenty of room for a single guy. Bedroom #1 became the studio, bedroom #2 became my storage room, and I slept in bedroom #3.


Since then I’ve met and married my lovely wife (Jennie) and had a baby girl (Anna). I now live in the incredible shrinking house. Bedroom #2 became Anna’s room, so I had to toss out some of my junk and move the rest into my studio, which was a tight fit. Then Jennie started a part-time job working from home, so I bought her a desk and wedged it into the studio as well. The house is feeling awfully tight. The upside is that it has forced us to live “lean and mean” and get rid of a lot of junk we didn’t really need.

The studio is L-shaped, which makes it difficult to stand back and get a good picture. These pics were all taken with my iPhone (which has no flash) so they aren’t real crisp, but they should do:Read More