Business Resources For Self-Employed Creatives

Recently I’ve started an email correspondence with a creative director who was laid off from a large agency. She’s looking for some freelance work to keep the bills paid and is thinking about possibly launching out on her own full-time. With the economy continuing to flounder stories like hers are becoming more and more common. I sat down to type up a list of resources for her and decided it would make a pretty good blog post.Read More

My “Creative Independence” Podcast Interview

Recently I was interviewed by illustrator Bob Ostrom for his podcast “Creative Independence”. The interview is now available online.

Bob’s not only a good illustrator but a super nice guy who’s very knowledgeable about the freelance biz. Since starting his podcast he’s interviewed a long list of successful freelancers and many of them have some very valuable advice to offer on a variety of topics related to freelancing. The Creative Independence podcast is available both on the CI website and through iTunes. I encourage you to browse the episodes and give some of them a listen.

In my interview we discussed such topics as self-promotion, networking, and social media. I hope some of my ramblings at the very least will be interesting and at the very most will be helpful to anyone trying to build a freelance career.

Resources From The Creative Freelancing Conference

So, you’ve read my recap of the 2009 Creative Freelancer Conference and now you’re bummed that you missed out? Don’t worry, I’m here to help!

The Free Stuff

The conference organizers have posted a ton of free downloads and resources over at their website. Check it out!

The Not-So-Free Stuff

In a few weeks the audio from the conference seminars will be available for purchase. Keep an eye on my blog for the link. In the mean time, you can still purchase .mp3’s, session handouts, and powerpoint presentations from the 2008 conference here.

Several books were also available for purchase at the conference. Here’s the links:

The Designer’s Guide To Marketing And Pricing by Ilise Benun and Peleg Top

The Anti 9-to-5 Guide by Michelle Goodman

My So-Called Freelance Life by Michelle Goodman

Self-employed Tax Solutions by June Walker

Finally, while you are waiting for next year’s conference be sure to follow the CFC blog. And don’t forget to sign up for future updates on the 2010 conference.

15 Blunders New Freelancers Make

Recently I stumbled upon this excellent article from Bootstrapper (a good blog for the self-employed, entrepreneurs, and other do-it-yourselfers):

Rookie Mistakes: 15 Blunders New Freelancers Make And How To Avoid Them

For more info on freelancing, don’t forget to check out other posts listed under “The Business of Freelancing” Category over to the left, and of course my Recommended Resources page on