This and That: Thanksgiving Edition

Freelance work has slowed down this week due to the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend. With Wednesday and Friday being travel days it becomes essentially a five-day weekend for a lot of my clients. Deadlines get pushed back accordingly. I’ve been using the lull in my schedule to tackle a mountain of paperwork and emails that have piled up while I was working frantically to meet deadlines. The bad news is I’ve been so busy tunneling through papers that I’ve barely drawn anything in the last week. The good news is I can see the surface of my desk again.

Some misc. notes of interest:

I now take Visa. Time for an experiment: I’m in the process of setting up a system that will allow my clients to pay by credit card. It will cost me a bit in bank fees but it will make me look more professional and hopefully it means some clients will pay me faster. More importantly, it will make my life easier for my clients as many of them will be happy to use their corporate cards so they can get to their rewards faster (frequent flier miles, etc.)—or so I’m told. It will also help make things easier when receiving payments from clients in other countries (it’s rare but I do get work overseas). We’ll see how it all goes.

Check out this art blog – Albert Pardo is a terrific cartoonist and Flash animator. I just stumbled upon his blog and I love his stuff. Give it a looksee:

Time Life Photo Archives – Time Life, in conjuntion with Google, has posted a gigantic library of old photos from their archives. Some go all the way back to the late 19th century. Many have never before been published. Great info for history buffs or for artists looking for period characters and costumes to sketch.


New Joe Kubert Books – This looks pretty cool. Joe Kubert, the famed comic book artist and instructor, has a book coming out in January called How To Draw From Life ( link). Should be pretty amazing. Kubert buffs might also be interested in the new biography Man of Rock: A Biography of Joe Kubert by Bill Schelly ( link).

Happy Thanksgiving! Here in America we have a holiday where we pause to give thanks to God for all of our many blessings. Among other things I’m grateful for a terrific job, a loving family, and an incredible wife. Most importantly I’m thankful that Jesus gave himself to die innocently on the cross for my many, many sins so that I could be forgiven.

May your life be truly blessed, and may you find many things to be thankful for!