See You At Comic-Con (And Tr!ckster)

It’s been a while since I last visited the enormous pop culture carnival known as Comic-Con. I can’t wait!. But before I fly out to San Diego I’ll be spending a few vacation days with my family at a cabin in northern Minnesota. I’m combining both into one long trip which means I’ll be out of the studio from July 16-25.

I won’t have a table or booth at Comic-Con. Instead I’ll be roaming the massive show floor, thumbing through all the inspirational sketchbooks, connecting with friends and colleagues, taking in a few panels, and just swimming around in all that creative energy.

This year Comic-Con will also have a little competition. Across the street from the convention center another event will be going on called Tr!ckster. As I understand it, the idea behind Tr!ckster is to create a souped-up “artist’s alley” geared more towards professional (and aspiring) artists and storytellers as opposed to the general public. There will be a retail space, a gallery, a couple of sketching parties, animation screenings, workshops, signings, and a series of symposiums on comics and storytelling. Admission is free but you must purchase tickets to the symposiums. It’s too early to say for sure but at first glance it looks like the organizers have put together a real quality event. I’m bought tickets to a few of the symposiums and am really looking forward to them.

If you are a professional animation or comic book artists and will have a booth or table at the ‘Con, be sure to leave your info, table number and/or a link to your info in the comments so I can stop by and say hi (and also to promote your stuff to my other blog readers). See you in San Diego!