Resources For Art Directors

To any art directors and creative directors who read my blog, this post is just for you. It’s a list of resources I found online geared towards art directors. I’m not an AD myself so I’m not too familiar with most of them, but at first glance they seem like they would be helpful:


Art Director’s ToolKit – Software with tools for working with fonts, colors, and measuring your layouts.


“Art Files” Collection Utility – Another piece of software from the same company. “Art Files is a stand-alone application that takes the tedious task of collecting Illustrator documents, linked images and fonts for graphics files and turns it into a simple point & click operation.”


The Art Director’s Club – An organization for art directors and creative professionals.


The Society of Publication Designers – Another organization for art directors.


The Art Director’s Reference Guide – For art directors who work in the animation and film industries.


The Art Director and the Law – Article about copyright and other legal issues art directors may deal with.


The RAIL – A blog by art director Dylan Thomas. Check out his “Tools” page.


What Makes A Good Creative Director? – From the blog Graphic Push.


Art Director’s Reference Set – From ThePowerXChange


EDIT: Here’s a few more links….


12 Breeds Of Client And How To Work With Them – Primarily aimed at freelancers, but it could also apply to art directors who have to deal with Clients.


Handling Difficult Clients – another good article on dealing with clients.


Ten Tips For Hiring And Working With Freelancers


Care And Feeding Of Freelancers


If anyone has any other links or resources to suggest, feel free to leave a comment.