Fur Real Dino Packaging Sketch for Hasbro

Last year I was hired by Hasbro to help out with a packaging illustration for a new toy in their Fur Real line, Snackin’ Sam the Bronto. He’s a cute plush dinosaur that comes with a plastic popsicle.

I was asked to do a tight pencil sketch of a prehistoric background, with the understanding that the sketch would then be given to one of their background artists to be painted in the Fur Real style. They also asked me to include one of their other dino characters, Munchin’ Rex, pushing an ice cream cart in the background, and a fold out picnic table in the foreground.

Here’s what I noodled up for them:

From there it went to another artist for painting. Now that Snackin’ Sam is in stores I finally get to see how it turned out. Looks like they decided to not use Munchin’ Rex in the background after all. But I like it: