Pose Drawing Sparkbook Reprint?


Back in 2013 I ran a successful Kickstarter to create the Pose Drawing Sparkbook, a super-charged sketchbook designed to help artists put more life and personality into their drawings. Several hundred copies were printed and sold. People really seemed to like them and the book got some good reviews on several animation and art blogs. But once the dust settled I found that the digital PDF ebook far outsold the physical book. It’s cheaper, more portable (just keep it on your phone), and can be used alongside any sketchbook or drawing app. In fact, the PDF is still the most popular item in my online store.

The physical copies sold out long ago but I still get requests from people asking if it will ever be reprinted? It seems there are a lot of people who would rather just draw directly in the actual book.

If I do a reprint, it would be an “updated and expanded version”. I took a survey from my Kickstarter backers to see if they were happy with their purchase (most were) and asked for suggestions/improvements. Based on that feedback, if I do a reprint I’d likely add new drawing prompts, some new sample artwork, and perhaps a new mini-chapter on adding humor to your drawings. I’ll also upgrade to a better binding since a couple of people had problems with the cover coming loose from the coils.

Before I go to all that trouble, I’d like to know if it’s something people want? If you might be interested in purchasing a physical copy, shoot me an email or leave me a comment/message on Facebook or Twitter. You don’t have to promise to buy one, just let me know if you might consider it. But the best thing you can do is share this blog post on social media so that other people can give me their input as well.

Finally, with Inktober just around the corner don’t forget to download your FREE list of 31 sketchbook ideas. About 2/3 of them are from the Pose Drawing Sparkbook and the others are new.