New Blog Look, More Changes Coming

You may have noticed that I’m giving my blog a long-overdue facelift. The old design was just too cluttered, stale, and outdated. I’m not 100% satisfied yet and will probably make some tweaks but I this is a good step in the right direction – cleaner, tighter, and a little easier to browse.

It’s also a temporary band-aid on a much larger problem: my entire business identity needs an overhaul.

I’m very slowly working on a complete re-brand of my studio. Although I’ve been freelancing for fourteen years I still don’t even have a real logo much less a brand. My current company name (“Cedric Hohnstadt Illustration”) is hard to remember and even harder to spell. It’s also too generic. It doesn’t say much about what makes me different from the thousands of other illustrators out there. Not to mention my current website design dates back to 2005 so it’s very rusty and outdated. I update the portfolio pages now and then but the coding and overall look are far behind the times. In short, I’m long overdue for a complete overhaul of my business identity.

In the hopefully-not-too-distant future I’ll be launching a brand new website with a new name, new logo, and new look. I’ll also be rolling this blog into the new website. For now, at least when you come here you’ll have a blog that’s decent to look at.