This and That

Things are really hopping here at the studio. I’ve recently finished up a packaging illustration and a toy design. I’m currently working on another toy design, three packaging illustrations (each for a different client), character designs for an animated feature film, and soon I may also be designing characters for an episode of another animated series. I’ve also been invited to speak at a conference later this year (more on that later) and I’m still working on finalizing the new mobile version of my website.

I’ll be leaving for a much-needed vacation starting tomorrow morning, but here’s a couple of quick links to keep this blog a-hummin’:

How To Get (And Leverage) Glowing Testimonials – another great post from the folks at

Twitter Toons – This is actually two items for my fellow Twitter users. First, editorial cartoonist Darryl Cagle has posted a collection of editorial cartoons about Twitter. Second, illustrator Bob Ostrom takes part in a neat feature called Twitter Toons. Every day a new topic is posted, and artists are encouraged to post a doodle about that topic and then tweet about it with the label “#Ttoon”. More info here.

Also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter: cedrichohnstadt

Sorry for the short post. Gotta get some rest so I can take off nice and early tomorrow morning. Don’t want a minute of my R&R to go to waste. Hopefully I’ll come back with some fun sketches to post. (I’ll be back in the studio on Tuesday, July 21).