This and That

Here’s another round of interesting links that you might find interesting if they are things you are interested in:

Google’s New “Profile” Feature — John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing, blogs about a new Google feature that allows a short profile of you to show up on Page 1 when other people google your name. A great, free way to flesh out your marketing a bit. Highly recommended.

Tweetie for Mac — Folks who Twitter have been singing the praises of this new Mac software. It doesn’t allow you to organize people you follow into groups, but otherwise I like it.

Pencil Test from Milt Kahl and Frank Thomas — Short video of some raw animation (well, cleaned up pencils anyway) from two of Disney’s great masters.

20 Best Websites To Download Free eBooks — I haven’t browsed the sites or read any of the books, but thought this list would be worth sharing anyway. Hey, it’s free.

70 Corporate Mascot Designs — Since I specialize in designing corporate mascots and other characters, I found this collection to be inspiring. Some good, some bad, a few ugly, but a great collection overall. How many can you identify? (Note: Some may be mislabeled. For instance, “Tony the Tiger” is mistakenly identified as the Exxon Mobil tiger).

Inking Tips from Michael Cho — Some great tips on improving your inking skills.