Freelancing Tips From A Seasoned Pro

Peter Beach has been working as a freelance illustrator for over 25 years. His work is top-notch and he’s served some of the top clients in the biz. Recently Peter started a blog devoted to sharing his experience and advice with other illustrators. He wrote the following to me in an email:

I’ve been freelancing full time illustration for a long time now and feel it’s time to give back – I’ve recently created a “Business of Freelancing Tips and Opinions” blog (, essentially aimed at illustrators but can easily to apply to multiple creative disciplines. My single goal and passion is to disseminate the information to as many illustrators, graphic designers, and creatives as possible.

His first post, “pbeach’s 17 practical tips and opinions…“, is some of the best advice on freelancing and self-promotion I’ve read in a while. It’s full of valuable nuggets that others have taken a lifetime to learn. Drop everything and give it a read!