Series: The Business of Freelancing

As much as I enjoy making my living drawing pictures, it’s important for me to remember that freelancing is still a business. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m a business person first and an artist second. If I don’t, I know I’ll be headed for a train wreck.

Artists are creative and free-wheeling by nature. The discipline and planning required to maintain a business can seem boring, confusing, and/or intimidating. Fortunately, the magical and powerful Internet is there to help!

One of the sites I visit regularly is It’s a blog that specializes in tips, tricks, and advice for freelancers. The articles are well-written and often extremely helpful. All this week they are doing a series called “The Business of Freelancing”, with a new article posted every day. The author is Shane Pearlman, who seems to have a pretty good blog of his own.

Yesterday they posted Part 1, “The Business of Freelancing–Saving For Taxes”. For the rest of the series, visit every day this week.

Also, I have a category of posts on this blog called (coincidentally) “The Business of Freelancing”. Click the link over to the right to view all of my previous posts under that heading.