Podcast Interview With Bob Staake


Images copyright © Bob Staake. All rights reserved.

Freelancing can be a lonely existence, and listening to background music or DVDs in the studio all day can get tiresome. So I’m always looking for good documentaries, interviews, and instructional material that relate to being a commercial artists. When I can actually hear the voice of another artist “talking shop” in the background, I eat it up.

I recently stumbled across a real gem on iTunes. It’s a podcast called the Illustrative Designer Podcast (hosted by Von Glitschka), and the artist being interviewed is Bob Staake. Staake is a very prolific illustrator/designer/cartoonist. Over the decades he’s built up an enormous body of work ranging from advertising to children’s books to animation design.

This is one of the better interviews I’ve heard in a while. Very informative and inspiring. If you work as a freelance illustrator, this is must-listen material.

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Also, check out Bob’s blog. (I’ve added it to my blogroll.)