Airplanes Are Turning Into Subways

Advertising is everywhere. You can’t escape it…even at 30,000 feet.

According to the New York Times, airlines such as US Airways and AirTran are getting ready to plaster ads all over the interior of their planes. The overhead compartment doors, the tray tables, even the napkins are all for sale to any advertiser who wants to shove their message in front of your travel-weary eyeballs…and keep it there for the length of your flight.

After all, buses do it. Subways do it. I guess it was only a matter of time before the airlines got into the act.

I understand that many airlines are running low on cash, and advertising brings in the bucks. But this is too much. Flying is already a hassle, and slapping ads all over the interior of the plane will only make the experience even less enjoyable.

It would be nice to find a public place where you could turn your head and not get smacked with an advertisement. These days you can’t even go to the bathroom without staring at an ad. Even my daughter’s diapers are stamped with licensed characters. An airplane was one of the few places where I thought I could give my eyes a rest. America is running out of blank surfaces. What’s next? The Amaco logo painted directly on the freeway pavement?

Maybe its time to start an anti-ad campaign. Hmm….now how would I get the word out?