Christmas Promo

This year I decided to do a Christmas self-promotion campaign. My plan was to buy jumbo chocolate bars, replace the labels with new labels illustrated by me (see above), throw in a card (also designed by me) and ship them to my various clients and friends. But then our beautiful baby girl was born early. We love her immensely, but now wiith the late-night diaper changes, doctor visits, Christmas shopping, and deadlines, I’ve barely had time to slap the promo together. I did get a few out in the mail but unfortunately not as many as I wanted to send. Here’s what they looked like:

A few of the packages went to warm states like Arizona, Texas, etc. so I hope the chocolate doesn’t melt in transit. Next year I hope to send something to everyone, especially the people I missed this year.

Anyway, warm Chirstmas wishes to one and all!