Every year the Evangelical Press Association publishes a catalog of freelancers (artists, writers, photographers, etc.) who want to work in Christian markets. Last year my listing was published with the wrong phone number. Turns out it was completely my fault, not theirs. But to patch things up they were kind enough to let me design this year’s cover in exchange for a free listing.

Even though I won’t be getting paid for this project, it is a neat way for me to promote my work. And I can pretty much do whatever I want, which is a rare freelance opportunity. I decided to stretch myself by doing something in Illustrator with a flat, graphic look as opposed to my usual “soft and shaded” work in Photoshop. Since this is essentially a promotional piece it could be argued that I should show off my strengths, but I’ve been doing a lot of self-promotion lately so I think I can afford to bust out of my mold a bit. Besides, it was a lot of fun.

Once the main character was designed, I had to create a layout. This is where I really feel wobbly since graphic design is not my strength. Fortunately there are some great books out there filled with appealing color schemes, so I think the color harmony keeps it from totally falling apart.

(Click images for a larger view.)