Baby Week

The last week or so I’ve been living in strange new territory: Babyland!

Last weekend my wife went to a baby shower. Two days later (Easter Sunday) we found out she is pregnant with our first child. The next day we went “window shopping” for baby stuff. The day after that we got a call that my wife’s sister had given birth prematurely, so we drove down to Chicago to spend a few days with them (they’re doing fine). We got back yesterday, and I spent the evening putting together a DVD of a baby shower for another of my wife’s friends who is a missionary on the other side of the world. Talk about baby overload. But I’m sure it’s nothing compared to how things will change once our child is born. I can’t wait.

For an “aw shucks” moment, here’s a pic of our new niece, Lauren:

When I’m not doing baby stuff I’m working on some client projects I can’t talk about yet. But I did find time in Chicago to do a little sketching (from a google photo search). I felt pretty rusty, but here’s a few of those sketches: