When It Rains, It Pours

Since I make my living as an artist, you’d think I actually have time to draw. But this last week or so I’ve been overwhelmed by administrative tasks (including a new promotional campaign, shopping for insurance, setting up a new computer network, and of course taxes), and the rest of my time has been spent working on a long-overdue Flash animation for a client who is (thankfully) the most patient man in the world. I love doing Flash animation but I’d forgotten how tedious it can be, not to mention there is very little actual drawing involved. (*sniff!*) I miss drawing. Fortunately my wife is a teacher, and next week she has off for Spring Break. So I will be enlisting her as my “administrative assistant” to help me get caught up (woo hoo!)

Anyway, Serbin Communications (the folks that publish the Directory of Illustration) recently started a project called Play! that allow artists to promote their work to people in the toy and game industries. Cool! That seems like some thing right up my alley, so I plopped down the cash and signed up (you gotta spend money to make money right?) Hopefully it will pay off. I’ve purchased a spread in next year’s book, and I spent most of this evening uploading images to their website. Now there’s yet another place where art directors can view samples of my work . I’m excited to see what comes of it.

Now, (yawn) back to the drawing bo…..zzzzzzzzz.