Sketchbook Update: Moleskins!

Today’s warm-up sketch: W.C. Fields.

I’m always on the lookout for the “perfect” art materials and supplies. Recently Trev Stair’s blog endorsed something called a moleskin notebook (pronounced mol-a-skeen’-a). They come in blank or ruled pages and are thread-bound so they can open perfectly flat. It’s a classy sketchbook complete with cloth bookmark and elastic closing strap. The paper is thin but durable and has an elegant feel to it. It’s the kind of product that makes you feel like a better artist just by holding one in your hand. Their kinda spendy, but I ordered one on the internet and so far I really like it. It makes me want to do drawings that are worthy of the fine paper.

The above image is the first sketch in my new moleskin sketchbook. If you’re looking for a new sketchbook, give moleskins a try.