Retro Flashback: Pixie and Dixie

My Dad collects old comic books from the 40’s and 50’s. Last time I was home I snagged a copy of Hanna Barbara’s “Pixie and Dixie”. There’s something about the character designs, poses, and inking style that I just love. So I scanned a few samples to share.

Look at the personality and expressiveness in this dog! He only shows up for two panels, but he’s super appealing!

Terrific New Book on Character Design!

Tom Bancroft is a talented animator, director, character designer, illustrator, and comic book artist. His new “how-to” book on character design, Creating Characters with Personality, is hot off the presses. I just received my copy in the mail and it looks incredible! Admittedly there’s a glut of “how to draw” books on the market, but this one is different in that it focuses exclusively on character design. In addition to Tom’s lessons and samples, each chapter ends with famous character desingers drawing their version of an imaginary cowboy named Dillon (artists include Butch Hartman, Jack Davis, Bill Amend, Mark Henn, Peter De Seve, and J. Scott Campbell). There’s even an introduction by Glen Keane! I’m super excited about this book and encourage you to order yours now!

The Animation Learner’s Site

This site has been around for a while, but it has a lot of great tips and insights on the basics of art and animation. The Drawing lessons alone are pretty good. Worth a visit.