A Great New Blog

Check out the Temple of the Seven Camels, a great new art blog by Mark Kennedy, a 16-year veteran of Disney animation. Rather than post his own work, his blog is about education—sharing his knowledge of art and story principles as they relate to cartooning and animation. It’s definitely a blog I’ll be visiting often!

More Courtroom Sketches

Recently I was called in by Minneapolis station KSTP-5 to sketch for another murder trial. Ronald Reed, a former Black Panther, was finally convicted of killing a Minneapolis police officer, a crime he committed 30 years ago.

I’m never really satisfied with my courtroom sketches because I have to bang them out so fast (these were all done in one day). Sometimes you get a good seat with a clear view, sometimes not. Plus you never know if a witness will be on the stand for five hours or five minutes, so you have to draw fast. Still, it’s a fascinating way to make a few extra bucks.

The defense (Reed is second from left). In retrospect I should have left out the security guard for clarity:

This witness was hard to draw:

The witness listens to a 911 call she made 30 years ago that wound up luring the policeman to his death:

This former Black Panther was obviously not happy to be on the stand:

Working With Art Directors

Stan Shaw has posted a terrific article on his blog called The Rules of Art Direction. It’s a collection of interviews with art directors on the do’s and don’ts of working with illustrators. This is a terrific insight into the minds of art directors. A fantastic resource and a definite must-read for any one who does freelance work.